Welcome to KIS

Karibu International School (KIS) is a private mixed boarding and day primary school located in Iganga district in Uganda. The school also has a thriving nursery/preschool cohort run using the Montessori model.

Our ethos is to educate and maintain discipline in our students’ necessary to create well-mannered young adults at the point when they leave ready for high school or college. This is never at the expense of the child’s sense of contentment.

As a school we believe that the calming culture of care, happiness, charged with curiosity and investigative drive contributes the the success of our children.  We offer our students essential ingredients necessary to develop into well-rounded wholesome individuals.


Our Values

As a school we subscribe to the philosophy that Every Child Matters (ECM). This is a fundamental component to all our programmes, ensuring that every child is healthy, safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution as well as achieving economic well being.

We believe that the values that we instill in our students’ helps mold their confidence, tolerance and resilience. We are shaping individual’s capable of both leadership and compassion.